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The Placement guru - is an World Wide and Human Resource Consultancy firm. The organization is an Human Resource Consultancy - that caters to people and people-related services for any industry. We provide recruitment assistance with an aim to enhance human resource quality of our client..

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The Placement Guru Learing System Self-Study Program

Increase Your Credibility and Set Yourself apart your HR The Placement guru

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Are you looking for HR jobs and training jobs and moderator jobs?

If you are looking for employment in the human resources, education, training and teaching areas you will find many India job vacancies advertised here, including assessor and moderator vacancies, training job vacancies and HR job vacancies.

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Workitect designs and builds job competency models and competency-based HR systems, with talent management applications for ThePlacementGuru

Assessment & selection,Performance management,Succession planning,Training and development,Leadership coaching

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Hr Trainee Resources The Placement Guru

The Placement Guru is a guide for Human Resources specialists, fresh HR Studies graduates and all the people interested in human capital development. The world of HR is changing quickly and the importance of the right human resources management is rising every single day.

The Placement Guru HR Guide provides a good description of the following areas:

* HR Organization
* HR Jobs
* Recruitment and Staffing
* Compensation and Benefits
* Leadership Development
* Training
* Career Development
* Performance Management
* HR Benchmarking
* HR Planning
* HR Reporting
* HR Tools
* HR Best Practices
* and many other HR stuff
* HR Strategy Development
* HR Models used in Modern Organizations
* HR Roles and Responsibilities
* HR Job Profiles
* HR Processes like Recruitment and Staffing, Compensation and Benefits, Leadership Development
* HR Articles on several HR Issues the HR Managers are facing on a daily basis
* HR Challenges hitting HR Managers in the future

The Placement guru HR Guide collects the HR Best Practices from the Internet and published articles to stay up to date and spreading the best HR information around the Globe. The HR World is changing quickly and the free HR Guide should stay in touch with the best HR trends around us.

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Human Resources Jobs

Compensation Manager
Compliance Manager
Corporate Recruiter
Director of Human Resources
Employee Benefits Specialist
Employment Diversity Specialist
Employment Manager
Employment Specialist
Human Resource Analyst
Human Resource Consultant
Human Resource Coordinator
Human Resource Generalist
Human Resource Manager
Human Resource Recruiter
Human Resource Representative
Human Resources Training Manager
Industrial Security Specialist
Labor Relations Manager
Organization Developer
Payroll Manager
Personnel Consultant
Recruiting Specialist
Risk and Insurance Manager
Staffing Manager
Training Manager
Training Specialist